Does Physio help improve my running form?

If you are training for a big event, it’s important to make sure you avoid injuries. As we like to say: prevention is better than cure always. However injuries do happen to us all and if that’s the case, we recommend getting that injury fully rehabilitated with a sports physio.


Is the running injury a recurring one? If it is, then as part of your rehab, a sports physio should assess your flexibility, muscle strength, balance and stability to look for any underlying weaknesses or imbalances which may be contributing to your injury and possibly associated poor running technique. Dealing with these imbalances will reduce the risk of injury.


Once these imbalances have been addressed, a sports physio may also be able to help to improve proper running form. At MLH Physio our physiotherapists can use video analysis to identify any inefficiencies and offer advice and corrective exercises on basic technique, training programmes and your running technique.


We are all individual and all move or function slightly differently to one another. So, should we all run the same or be taught the same running technique? As with most things in life there isn’t a one size fits all cure.


Some runners with recurrent injury or for those looking for marginal gains in performance, a full biomechanical gait/running analysis will provide more detailed information as to where further technical changes to style, form or efficiency can be made. This would require Specialist Physiotherapists and equipment.


If you are unsure about your return to running after injury you can contact us at MLH Physio or BOOK ONLINE at any of our clinics in Manchester and Cheshire.