Can I Continue Marathon Training if I Have an Injury?

Do you soldier on or do you need a visit to a chartered physiotherapist to treat an injury? It is difficult to know sometimes, but hopefully we can give you some guidance.


At MLH Physio every year we see lots of runners diligently following their marathon training plan.  We have discussed previously, prevention is better than cure, especially when marathon training. However when training for such a big event as a marathon, it is likely at some stage you will have a few aches and pains, but when is it more than that?


Runners sometimes feel unable to take a break from their marathon training plan, or reduce their weekly mileage, as they don’t want to miss out on valuable miles in the bank. However, sometimes a period of rest or reduced miles can really benefit you and your return to running after injury.


There can be common sense used in this scenario. Have you just increased your mileage, or added a tempo run in? If so, it may be best to allow a couple of days rest, then restart. However, to answer this accurately in an article or over the phone is almost impossible. To advise patients when to return to their running programme safely, we need to assess the individual and tailor any advice or exercises to them.


If you have picked up an injury that lasts more than a few days, we would always advise seeking the help of a sports injury clinic, whether early or late on in your marathon training plan. It is better to seek advice sooner rather than later, at any stage in your marathon training.


Usually the first question asked in clinic is “Can I Continue Marathon Training if I Have an Injury?” and by seeing a physiotherapist you will get the best advice on when to return to a running programme safely.


If you are unsure about your return to running after injury or return to running programme you can contact us at MLH Physio or BOOK ONLINE at any of our clinics in Manchester and Cheshire.

Matt Lakin-Hall