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mlh Physitherapy and sports injury clinic

MLH Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, Manchester

Expert Physiotherapy for the whole of Manchester

Physiotherapy isn't just for elite athletes. It's for everyone. If you're suffering from any kind of injury, whether it's a torn muscle from the football pitch, an injured joint after an accident or recurring back problem, it's physiotherapy that'll get you back on your feet.

Operating in Sale and in Manchester, MLH Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic has 20 years' experience, allowing us to pinpoint and treat any injury, no matter how it was sustained.

We've partnered with Greater Manchester's leading sports and athletic teams, and we understand the importance of peak fitness at any level up to the very highest. So when you need physiotherapy or help with a sports injury, turn to our clinic.

Predicting Problems with Expert Screening and Analysis
Helping you recover from injuries is only part of what MLH Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic offers. We know that prevention is always better than the cure, which is why we offer screening and analysis to make sure you remain as injury free as possible - whether you're an experienced athlete, or just taking up a new pastime for the first time.

We currently offer golf and sports screening services to help you identify any potential problems before they occur - helping you to correct any issues that can lead to injury and reduced performance. And for the runners of Manchester, we're the only local providers of Optogait gait and running analysis - a system designed to reduce your injury risks and your personal best!

Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic at Windsor Dental and Sale, Manchester
MLH Physiotherapy currently operates two clinics in Greater Manchester - at Sale Leisure Centre and Windsor Dental. To book a consultation at either of these clinics and discuss your injury or analysis, please contact us now.

We look forward to helping you to a speedy recovery.

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