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Summer approaches - are you ready?

We are clearly in a state of change and preparation at the moment in the sporting world - the football season has ended, cricket has begun and doubtless there will be a surge in participation levels across all sorts of different sports in the summer with Euro 2012 and the London Olympics attracting a truly massive audience. What that means for those of us who want to use this as inspiration to get fit or to improve our own skills is that we must be sure that our bodies are in tip top condition in order to undertake more rigorous physical activity, or prepare for exercise after a period of absence from sport.

Without proper preparation then you are opening yourself up to muscle problems, strains, ligament damage and tendon issues. If you have any longstanding issues, niggles or strains then it is imperative that you have these checked out by qualified professionals before adapting - and especially increasing - the rate or intensity of your regular physical activity. Here at mlh Physiotherapy in Manchester we have a large number of staff spread across our Sale, Bridgewater Hospital and Media City locations who are specialists in dealing with persistent injuries and offering remedial treatments, advice and support to those looking to get back into a level of physical activity and exercise which they haven't attempted for a while.

After all, once the hectic summer of sport is out of the way then there will be challenges of the new season to deal with - sustaining any short term gains into long term improvements and setting new personal goals and targets. If you are to be successful in the long term then it is vital that your new summer approach to physical activity includes appropriate physiotherapy work to help you to attain your long term health and sporting goals.

Author: Jonathan Smith

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