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Summer of sport approaches!

There's simply no bigger selection of sporting stages than what is on offer this summer. Whether your sport is football, judo, tennis or showjumping it's represented somewhere and everyone gets lost in the excitement whilst we see exactly what the human race is capable of and the human body can endure. These are athletes who are pushing human endeavour to its very limit, and behind every one will be a team of sports science professionals who have prepared and sculpted their bodies to perfection for months and, in many cases, several years.

If you think that seeing all this impressive sporting action on television might inspire you to get back involved with sport - or maybe increase your participation level or amount - then you'll need to check that your body is operating in good enough condition for the sport and level you intend to play at. Otherwise you may find that your dreams come crashing back down to earth with a sudden and painful muscle or joint pain-related bump.

So prepare yourself for your own big summer of sport - and look to the future of your game and your health too - by getting yourself in gear at mlh Physiotherapy, providing sports massage, sports injury assessment, back and joint pain and massage therapy. We specialise in all these techniques and more to ensure that the professional athletes we work with - and, of course, the general public - receive the highest quality physiotherapy that is currently available.

Get into the sporting spirit by getting your body in tip top condition and use this year as a starting point from which to reach your fitness goals - contact us for an assessment today.

Author: Jonathan Smith

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