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WINTER WORK - Now is the time to start the hard work

Matt Lakin-Hall - TPI Golf Performance Physio

Golf Physio

So the golf season is gradually drawing to a close, the dark nights are creeping in, the golf clubs will be left in the garage & all those swing thoughts or technical changes will be put to bed for another 6 months.

In fact, now is the time to really start the hard work. Not on major swing changes, but to invest time in getting FIT FOR GOLF, & enable you to perform to your maximum potential. Improve YOUR physical performance to perform better on the course next year.

I promise this isn't just for PRO'S or younger athletic golfers & means getting in the gym, although it maybe for some. It is for ALL golfers of any age, ability, handicap or physique & can be easily implemented into your lifestyle.

I am a Level 2 TPI Certified Medical Professional & use The TPI Screening Tool to identify what physical limitations a golfer has & how that can adversely affect their golf swing, and potentially lead to injury.

What does Screening involve?
I will conduct a physical screen, which involves assessment of your flexibility, stability, strength & movement quality in various tests specific to golf. The results are then linked to video analysis of your swing.

What's next?
A Performance plan is developed for you, which may include exercises for flexibility, strength or balance, and physiotherapy and hands-on treatment. This will be tailored to your age, ability & facilities. Most plans can be implemented easily at home with minimal equipment.

Why do you need this?
- PLAY BETTER - Identify physical limitations in your body & look for posture or muscle imbalances & their impact on your swing
- SWING BETTER - Improve those limitations or imbalances to improve your swing technically
- PLAY PAIN-FREE - Prevent golf injuries
- PLAY LONGER - Prolong your participation in a sport you enjoy playing

My philosophy is creating a Team of experts, which will provide the golfer with greatest benefit, so I will communicate with your golf or fitness professional about my findings & get their feedback.

Matt is passionate to work with all golfers of any age or ability to help you improve your performance & also prevent injury. Screening a golfer allows us to understand what physical elements may be limiting your progress or causing injury.

MLH Golf Performance Prices:

TPI Physical Screening 1 hour - 75
- Physical screening, video analysis & initial physiotherapy/exercise program

1 hour Golf Performance sessions - 60
- Follow-up session, physiotherapy & progressive exercise plan

Golf Performance Packages
We also offer a variety of Initial packages to suit individuals' needs. Please click here to see prices.

Golf Performance Follow-Up Packages
4 x 1 hour Golf Performance sessions - 160
6 x 1 hour Golf Performance sessions - 210
10 x 1 hour Golf Performance sessions - 325

If you have any injury or have a problem that is affecting your golf, or you're interested in a Performance Screening, please contact Matt for a FREE Golf Consultation, so he can advise you of the best plan.

Matt Lakin-Hall
07789 955559

Author: Jonathan Smith

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