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Knee Pain When Running, Manchester

It is Marathon time of the year again, and lots of people increasing their training. We all have niggles, but those that don't settle down in a couple of weeks, get them checked out by a professional.

There are lots of terms for pain around your knee. Anterior knee pain, Patello-femoral Pain Symdrome, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, and Runners knee to name but a few.

There are many factors that can cause these symptoms to occur, during running, and normal day-to-day activities like walking or going up or down stairs. Foot posture, tightness of structures on the outside of the knee, and weakness of muscles on the inside of the knee are traditionally the main things treated. All these aspects are important, and if there is a problem here it needs to be addressed.

More recently the relationship between hip muscle strength and knee pain has become more widely researched. Many studies have shown that improving strength & control of hip abductor & external rotator muscles, improves knee pain significantly. If pain is present during functional activities, like walking or running, it is vital that these muscles are not just strengthened but exercised in a functional position too.

If you are suffering with general knee pain, contact us at mlh, and we can assess you and help you to get you back exercising without that annoying knee pain.

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Author: Jonathan Smith

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