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mlh Physiotherapy supporting the Diane Modahl Foundation

In conjunction with the Bridgewater Hospital we are now proud to be working with the Diane Mohdal Foundation.

The Diane Modahl Sports Foundation is a registered charity set up by former international athlete Diane Modahl. Through DMSF Diane and her team use sport as a catalyst to encourage and inspire young people and their families. They do this by setting up Community Athletics Clubs at local schools, focusing in particular on disadvantaged areas. Top coaches are brought in to work with both able-bodied and disabled young people, giving support to the young athletes, breaking down barriers, and showing that sport is for everyone.

About the partnership head coach Vincente Modahl says:

"It's been said that an athlete is only ever one step away from a career ending injury - as dramatic as it sounds that's the reality. That's why medical support, advice and teamwork are an essential factor in the development of an athletes career and whether a young person is able to achieve their full potential. Working with some of Manchester's most disadvantaged young people DMSF has provided opportunity; the opportunity to aspire to - and achieve potential. Potential can be about making friends, joining in, learning respect; potential can be about competing and winning, excelling (for a few) or achieving (for all) at sport.

The Mlh Physio and the Bridgewater hospital are providing much needed medical support to the DMSFs' young people who given their circumstances would never be in a position to access such high quality facilities. The difference this will make to their development and aspirations is invaluable."

For More information or to donate to the foundation visit

Diane Modahl

Author: Jonathan Smith

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