How Does Physio Help With Post-Op Care?

There are times where injuries are severe enough that full recovery and return to your normal life is not possible without surgery. It is a big decision to make and should not be taken lightly.

You know you are in the hands of a good surgeon if they explore every avenue possible before resorting to performing surgery, and once the operation is completed, it could be the best operation that the best surgeon in the world has performed but it won’t be a success if the follow up care is not correct. A big part of this is Physiotherapy. We can split the post-operative physio into three stages.

Stage 1: Immediately Post-Op

First is the immediate instruction you receive whilst you are in the hospital recovering from your operation. This is where you have the chance to outline a pathway to full recovery and getting answers to any questions you might have about how the operation went, what the next steps are and the dos and don’ts to ensure your safety. MLH physio is quite unusual in that we are based in a private hospital and work side by side with numerous orthopaedic surgeons. It gives us the opportunity to experience first-hand what happens in the operating theatre and have daily contact with the specialist to ensure you are receiving the best care available.

Stage 2: Progressing Exercises

The second stage of postoperative physio is progressing your exercises and abilities in a safe and timely fashion. We can start to aim for your chosen hobby, sport or even occupation. Most surgeons set pathways to follow and guidelines that we have years of experience following and developing. We have even lectured other physios on postoperative care.

Stage 3: Returning to Full Function

The third and final stage is returning to full function. This is where our experience of working with a wide variety of people from manual workers to elite sports teams means we have a good knowledge of what it takes to enable you to fully participate in the activities you want to (and possibly thought you never would again).


If you have any questions about post-operative physiotherapy and rehabilitation, simply get in touch or BOOK a consultation at any of our clinics in Manchester and Cheshire.