A treatment plan which has worked unbelievably well

I first visited Jonathan at mlphysio almost 3 years ago. At the time I had been suffering with acute pain in my legs and feet and after several trips to the doctors was referred to mlhphysio by my medical company. After a couple of visits Jonathan realised that the pain was coming from my back (and not anything to do with my legs as my doctors thought) and referred me to see a neurologist.

I had injections in my back which alleviated the pain and then I proceeded upon a course of physiotherapy to strengthen my back and neck. This treatment has helped immensely with my back, legs and neck (which had been causing migraines).

Jonathan is the first physiotherapist I have come across, and I’ve seen many, who actually listened to me. He came up with a treatment plan which has worked unbelievably well and has always been there to contact if I had any concerns.

Katy Carlisle