If you’re a keen golfer, you’ll know how important mobility is to your performance.

Our dedicated golf-physio clinic at Ringway Golf Club specialises in golf specific physio and golf performance.

With many years of experience under our belt, and TPI Certification, we work with teaching professionals and golfers across Cheshire and the North West, helping you recover from golf-related injuries and improving overall golf performance. Our dedicated golf-physio clinic can help you not only recover from pain or injury, but we also take the time to help you better understand your body and your swing, allowing you to improve overall performance. We work to keep you fitter and healthier so you can play the game for longer!

Golf Specific Physio

If you’re suffering from a golf-related injury or pain, and it’s preventing you from playing at your best, our golf-specific physio treatments are perfect for you. Our treatments work in much the same way as regular physio, but with a golf bias. Our TPI certified physios will work with you to resolve any issues first and get you back on the course. We can then advise you on ways to also improve your performance via our specialist golf performance services.

Golf Performance

Using advanced TPI screening, our specialist physios assess your golf swing and look to identify specific movements or areas of limitation or weakness that could be preventing you from achieving your best performance. During this screening process, we can formulate a plan of exercises, gym workouts or hands-on physio to improve these physical aspects.

It’s a longer process, but the benefits are that over time you’ll see your golf swing improve dramatically!

For more information contact golf@mlhphysio.co.uk or call 07789 955559 & for our Specialist Golf services price packages click here