When do I Need to See a Physio About a Gym Injury?

When working out at the gym, it’s very common to experience pain and injuries. This is something we covered in another FAQ about the most common gym injuries and how to prevent them. While prevention is preferred, unfortunately injuries do occur, and when they do physiotherapy can help with sports injuries treatment. If you’ve suffered from a gym-related injury and you’re unsure of whether you need to visit a physiotherapist, here is some advice:


When should you go see a physiotherapist?

This is a question we get asked regularly. After starting a new gym routine, class or going out running for the first time, it’s common to experience some aches and pains. This is perfectly normal, as we are putting our body’s muscles, tendons and joints under a new and different load. Usually these symptoms will last only a few days, you can often exercise through them and you don’t need any physiotherapy.

Our best advice is if you have a pain or symptom that doesn’t resolve within a week or so, seek physiotherapy at a sports injury clinic.


At MLH Physio in our sports injury clinic we provide physiotherapy on a daily basis for sports injuries, but what does a physiotherapist do to help? Initially your physio will discuss the nature and mechanism of your injury, as this will give us a greater understanding of the underlying problem.


We will then carry out an objective assessment, carrying some specialist tests to confirm a diagnosis for you. After this there are numerous sports injuries treatments that we can use. This may be some hands-on manual therapy, or soft-tissue release, and we will always advise you on the best exercises to do at home or in the gym.


The most common gym-related injuries we see are:

-          Shoulder and neck issues

-          Lower back injuries

-          Knee problems

-          Muscle strains

-          Foot & ankle problems



If you have any sports injuries like this, then get in touch or  BOOK ONLINE at any of our clinics in Manchester and Cheshire.