Will Physio Improve My Golf Ability?

There is an old adage in the golfing world: “beware the injured golfer”. Somehow whether it is illness or injury, golfers not feeling 100% manage to find a way to perform and even win…sometimes!!! However, will consistently playing through the pain barrier be good for your golf skills? It certainly wasn’t for Tiger Woods.


By this we mean those niggles that have been affecting you for a few weeks, or even those long-standing pains that you keep saying will go away, but never do.


Only the minority might need surgery like Tiger Woods, but the majority can be helped by a Chartered Physiotherapist. Especially at a sports injury clinic with a Physio who can offer specialist golf-specific knowledge and treatment to help improve your golf ability.


Over the years at MLH Physio, we’ve worked with numerous golfers of all ages and abilities to get them back out on the course pain-free. One example is YouTube vlogger, Rob Potter Golf, who has documented his progression from seeing us over the last 18 months.


Rob was suffering with severe upper back and shoulder pain from an old accident, which meant he couldn’t manage 18 holes once a week and could hardly even practice. So he sought some physio for golf to try and get him back out playing more regularly and pain-free. Here is a video to give a little insight to what we do and explain more.

It doesn’t matter what pain or injury you have, if you see a good physio with specialist golf knowledge it WILL help you to improve your golf ability. 


If you have any golf-related injuries like this, then get in touch or BOOK ONLINE at any of our clinics in Manchester, Hale and Cheshire.