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Rugby Injuries | Rugby Physiotherapists

It has been said ballroom dancing is a contact sport and rugby is a collision sport, so as you would guess injuries are all too common.

The type of injuries sustained in rugby, depends a lot of the position you play. Forward players can expect a high percentage of neck, back and shoulder injuries in the scrum and tackle situation. While backs are more prone to hamstring and quadriceps muscle strains, and ankle or knee injuries as they are likely to be sprinting whilst twisting and turning. Most are easily treated with quick results if treated early.

We have spent over 10 seasons working with rugby teams, so we have a good insight into the mentality of the rugby player towards injury, and would say the majority have an attitude to carry on regardless of the pain, with the view that the team comes first. Consider this though, if you are unable to fulfil your role in the team then you could be not only making your injury worse but you weaken the team. So be honest with yourself, can you give your all?

We at mlh physio understand the desire to play and will endeavour to get you back on the pitch at the earliest opportunity. We are able to offer early and late appointments 6 days a week. So don't suffer, seek professional help and get back playing as soon as you can.
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