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Pregnancy Physiotherapy in Manchester

At mlh we offer a Women's Health Physiotherapy service for pregnant women and new mums. Many women exprience aches & pains before and after childbirth, but don't think anything can be done about it. Clare Warwick, our specialist Women's Physiotherapist can help with treatment of pelvic pain in pregnancy, back pain including sciatica, thoracic pain, rib pain and hip pain. Treatment of the pelvic floor is also important, and retraining of these muscles can help with pelvic floor dysfunction and bladder problems.

Appointments are available at our Sale Clinic with Clare.

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With almost all women experiencing some degree of musculoskeletal discomfort during the various points of their pregnancy, it is understandable that a core area of our physiotherapy business in Manchester is the delivery of innovative and pain-relieving physiotherapy for pregnant women. You do not need to suffer without help during your pregnancy - seek help from some of the city's leading physiotherapists to relieve your pain during your pregnancy.

Many doctors now recommend physiotherapy to expectant mothers as part of their preparation for the birth and it is easy to see why. Pregnant women often experience back pain, tightness in the feet and ankles, stretching of the abdominal wall and surrounding area and tingling in a variety of areas caused by nerve stress and compression. All of these symptoms can be treated and in many cases alleviated once they have been diagnosed and treated by a relevantly qualified physiotherapy professional - and the physiotherapists at mlh Manchester have plenty of experience in offering pain relief for expectant mothers in Manchester.

Physiotherapy for mothers means that they will able to improve strength and mobility - allowing them to do more and stay active for longer during their pregnancy. It will also allow them to retain core strength and flexibility during a testing time for their bodies - this means that post-baby recovery speeds can be increased and the possibility for damage being done to the body being potentially reduced. This is especially true of muscles and areas close to areas of key strain and stress, such as the abdomen, pelvic floor and surrounding soft tissue and muscle areas. Don't suffer with pregnancy pain in Manchester any longer - contact mlh Physiotherapy today.
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