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Back pain and Sciatica

Back pain is different for every body and that's why at mlh physio you are treated as an individual.

Back pain can a relatively mild dull ache, or it can be extremely painful in some form it will affect most people at some point.

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain has many causes from a simple muscle strain, postural mechanical problems. It may be stiffness due to wear and tear in the facet joints of the spine due to the ageing process (Spondylitis), or it may be caused by a disc bulging and irritating a nerve. These last two issues can result in referred pain down your leg due to either irritation or compression of the nerves leaving the spine (commonly known as Sciatica).

Our physiotherapists can use manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, Acupuncture and electrotherapy all along side a specific individual exercise program to help relieve your pain and help you return to your normal daily activities and to keep you that way.

However if your pain is causing weakness in your legs, numbness in your groin (saddle anesthesia) or changes to your bladder or bowel function it is important to seek medical help as a matter of urgency.
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