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KT1000 Knee Assessment

KT1000 is a machine that measures the amount of forward movement your injured knee has in comparison to the good knee.

If your injured knee moves significantly more than your good knee it gives a strong indication that your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is not effective in controlling this movement. This is most likely because it has been partially or fully torn.

The results of the KT1000 are not precise enough to be 100% certain you have torn your ACL, so it is still important to have other investigations such as an MRI scan or even a knee arthroscopy (key-hole surgery) to look inside your knee to confirm your diagnosis.

You may have already had confirmation you have torn your ACL, in this case the KT1000 is an important measure to ensure that your reconstructive surgery is a success (you will have a repeat test 6 or 12 months after your operation).

The test itself takes around 10-15 minutes and is completely painless.

The test is performed by mlh at the Bridgewater Hospital in Manchester only, as it is a specialist piece of equipment that requires an experienced expert to perform the examination to ensure the test is accurate. If you are due to have a test, don't forget to bring a pair of shorts.
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